Thursday, January 21, 2010

MQ Error AMQ8135 or AMQ4059 or AMQ5615 Reason 2035 or 2059 or 2063

Here is the solution I found for some errors I faced using WebSphere MQ V6.0.2.5 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3:

Error 1:
strmqm queue_manager_name
WebSphere MQ queue manager 'queue_manager_name' starting.
19 log records accessed on queue manager 'queue_manager_name' during the log replay phase.
Log replay for queue manager 'queue_manager_name' complete.
Transaction manager state recovered for queue manager 'queue_manager_name'.
AMQ5615: Default objects cannot be created: CompCode = 2 Reason = 2035.

Error 2:
Same as Error 1 but with Reason = 2059

Error 3:
Same as Error 1 & 2 but with Reason = 2063

Error 4:
runmqsc queue_manager_name
5724-H72 (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1994, 2005. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Starting MQSC for queue manager queue_manager_name.

AMQ8135: Not authorized.

No MQSC commands read.
No commands have a syntax error.
All valid MQSC commands were processed.

Error 5:
strmqcfg (when adding a new queue manager to the shown list or connecting to a shown queue manager)
Could not establish a connection to the queue manager. (AMQ4059)

If the user you are trying to run these commands with is inside the mqm group and it should have the correct rights to execute these commands, then check if the name of your user is more than 12 characters. If it is, then here is your solution: choose a user with a name that is equal to or less than 12 characters, add it to the mqm group and then it should work.

The reason is that user ids longer than 12 characters get truncated and thus can't authenticate anymore!

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