Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Does everyone we meet have to conform to a familiar image in our heads?

In Six Feet Under, episode 5 season 2, the family was talking about a lady that had nobody in her life. They stated how awful that was and concluded that she might have been autistic thus the reason for not having anyone in her life. Then Claire, a teenager in the series, said:

"I don't see why this person has to be mentally ill... just because she had a life that doesn't conform to a familiar image in our heads. Maybe she was living the life she wanted. A life without the hassle of other people."

Don't you agree with her? Don't you think that we sometimes judge the person in front of us just because he/she is different and does not conform to the image we have in our head? It just made me pause and think...


  1. Yes I think we do.
    Same thing goes with clothes or decisions or anything in life really, when u see someone wearing something u wouldn't wear, u judge them or find them repulsive. And when someone makes a decision that seems unreasonable to u, u find them wrong and judge that they are incapable of making a right decision.