Sunday, May 17, 2009

45 km!!

So we finally did it!! We biked about 45 km from the university campus in Vaihingen till Marbach on the Neckar! It was amazing! It's true we are so tired today after this excursion we did yesterday but we really had fun. We stopped in the middle many times; sometimes to eat, others to relax and a time to play Frisbee in a large green area. So if anyone wants to do a biking trip on the Neckar then I would recommend this site about Neckartalradweg or even the book itself. It took about 2 hours and a half biking but in total with all the stops and the way back: 7 hours!! It was really a great Saturday and we hope we do it again!


  1. Wowowow amazing
    I hope one day I can do these things here in Egypt :D

  2. Do you think it can ever be possible?? :D

  3. Never
    the problem not for being poor country, the problem with our culture, closed mind, Curiosity, and so on
    I like life style u show in your posts and facebook :)

  4. This is amazing ya Marly, I miss you but I'm glad you're having fun and doing things like that =) I'll be in Austria enshaa Allah in a couple of months and I'm definitely doing the bike thing.

    Love you

  5. Thanks Noran! Miss you too!!

    That's great!! We have to see each other and travel and have fun!

    Keep us updated with your news! :)

  6. I was thereeeee.....
    We should do another one :):)