Sunday, May 10, 2009

Amazing Zamfir

As opposed to the belief of some people, Zamfir is not the name of a music instrument but rather the name of a Romanian musician, songwriter and music teacher. He is very famous for his romantic pan flute music that he is even entitled as Gheorghe Zamfir – The “King of the Pan Flute”. If you want to know more maybe you can read his wikipedia page or his biography on his own official website.

Here is a video where he is playing a music that I love:

The Lonely Shepherd.



  1. it is great I use to listen to this music when I study since 14 years "thanwaya 3ama"

  2. Somethings enter directly in your brain and somethings in your heart. But, this one, first enters into to your heart and then to your brain. When this happens, there is no escape.