Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My sister arrived to Germany!

Saturday, the 7th of August 2010, my sister, Youstina, arrived to Germany! As her plane was landing in Munich, Andrew and I went to pick her up there. Unfortunately, her plane was arriving so early in the morning, that Andrew and I had to begin traveling from Stuttgart the day before so we can be at the airport in time. This trip took around 9 hours, even longer than her trip to come from Cairo to Munich! Wasn't so pleasant.. :D Also after all this trouble, we arrived to her 1 hour after she was already out of the terminal gate! But she said she didn't get bored.. :P

So we were so happy to see each other, and she was so excited about her trip! We then stayed for that day in Munich to visit a bit around. We first left her luggage in the Hbf station and went to Marienplatz. There we got to see the famous Rathaus, walk through the nice streets of Munich's down town, passed by HB, rubbed the lion's nose as the tradition says that you would come again if you do and visited Theatinerkirche. We then took a big walk into the Englischer Garten where we saw some people surfing in a narrow river passing inside the garden! This was amazing to watch! We were by then very hungry, so we went back to HB where we had a nice beer and we ate some Bavarian dishes. After eating and drinking, comes the sleeping effect! We really couldn't do anything anymore and we were very tired. So we walked back to Marienplatz were we saw the famous clock of the Rathaus ringing and rotating showing this cavaliers story. We then went back to Hbf where we picked up her luggage and headed back to Stuttgart.

So it was a nice day after all, even though we were really tired by the end of it!

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