Thursday, July 22, 2010

Counter Strike evenings

Sometimes, the urge to play some computer games just show up. As Andrew says, I also believe that playing with some friends is always much fun compared to playing against some computer bots. For this, we ask some of our friends to join and then we have a nice group to play counter strike with and kill some hours in the evening! So if you live in Stuttgart, have some time to kill, like playing computer games and want some company, don't hesitate to join our evenings! :)


  1. wow!!! tats nice to know! sure would like to join ur clan!

    btw which is ur fav weapon!? mine is ak47!!

  2. Will love to play CS.
    Have been dying to play since i came here.Have been a national level player and represented India several times.
    So how can we play ?
    And my favourite weapon is ak as well God_Speed...;)

  3. Hey Guys, this is sooo cool to know!!
    So Andrew is the one usually planning the evenings, so maybe you can contact him on: andrew DOT botros AT gmail DOT com, whenever you wish to play and he can organize a CS evening for us!