Thursday, January 13, 2011

Egypt.. what is going on.. what is wrong...

After the two violent incidents (first incident, second incident Bikyamasr, Aljazeera and BBC) that happened in Egypt since the beginning of this 2011 year, so in only 12 days, I have decided to put the above title as my status on Facebook and as a Google buzz on my gmail account to see what is the opinion of my friends. For the people having a Facebook account, here is the link to the status with the comments. I have got less comments on the buzz, but here is the link as well. How about you? Please comment by leaving your opinion about what is happening in Egypt. Would love to know about all the different perspectives. 


  1. Passivity, stupidity and ignorance... That's whats happening!

    We are passive to let some self-centered idiots rule us, stupid for believing what they say and for letting it out on each other.

    And finally most are ignorant for not realizing that we are both stupid and passive :S

  2. Nice choice of nouns!

    The people have been ruled this way for so long, and I understand and agree that a change is needed.

    But what about the way of requesting such a change.. is this the only way?

    I think there is more to that...

  3. And here is a video of what happened after the train incident: Hospital Attacked After Shooting of Copts in Minya

  4. really shocked to see this..Egypt is still known to be a peaceful country...eventually its the life of common man which suffers...hope all will get eased out..and rulers with vision will emerge!

  5. Yes you are right, Egypt is known to be the country bringing, or at least trying to bring, peace in the region. But this is from the governments and political view. If we come to see what the population is actually living in everyday, we might come to a totally different view of the country... we all hope for a change...

  6. Surely it is not a peaceful country.
    In the past couple of years, just by skimming through the news, brutality is a growing trend.
    Almost on daily basis i came across a crime committed against in laws, parents, wives, and totally strangers. Normally they would torture, mayhem then brutaly kill their victims.

    This is not anymore a peaceful place

  7. Well Shady, crimes happen everywhere in the world. It is true that it is growing in Egypt these days because of the life people are living without education nor enough earnings to live in an acceptable life standard. This makes people angry and acting without being totally conscious of their actions. And that's exactly why we are hoping for a change to get these people out of their misery.