Friday, January 28, 2011

Egyptian Protests 2011

The events currently happening in Egypt have been anticipated for so long. This would eventually happen with all the suffering the people have been living. Follow #Jan25 and #25Jan on Twitter and also Live Steams from Al Jazeera. Also check 2011 Egyptian protests on Wikipedia and Lots of pictures. More pictures, this last link has nicer pictures (last link added on 30th of January 2011).

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  1. I have seen people suffer in Srilanka near my hometown(chennai)..So i understand how it feels to be under the situation..

    Despite so many requests/protests, the U.N / india/west never cared to intervene.. and the 1 time india intervened didn't work as per plan..

    I came across this and found this to be valid to an extent..

    apart from sympathies and prayers, i feel powerless! I cant recollect last time after india,S.A where non-violence worked out..
    The only light that i can see is something on the likes of Rawanda..
    Do update if you think there is some solution!