Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Egyptian Stall in Pfaffenhof Sommerfest

Every dormitories on Universitaet Stuttgart campus have a Sommerfest in the beginning of the summer. In each of these, students can rent a stall place and offer whatever they like. Our Pfaffenhof Sommerfest was on the 15th of June. Andrew, Garamoun and myself decided to try renting a stall for this fest and see how it turns out. It was a spontaneous decision as we just decided the night before the fest! As we three are Egyptians from origin, we came out with the idea of offering some Egyptian sweets called "Zalabiya" or "Zalabia" or another name is "Lo'met El Ady" or also written "Lo2met Ady" and some fries. I hope that everyone, that tried and tasted our Egyptian sweets, enjoyed it! :)

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